Saturday, September 5, 2009

100th Blog Post- It's a great one!!!

#20 BYU beat #3 Oklahoma!!!

What else did you think I would write about? :)

After watching a couple of games on the opening night of the college football season on Thursday, I went to work on Friday and told the guys that I have hope for BYU to beat this outstanding team. I knew it wouldn't be easy and I hoped BYU wouldn't get blown out. Sure enough, BYU made a huge impression! They were close the whole game but BYU outplayed Oklahoma. A few key mistakes by BYU prevented themselves from putting up more points, and led to Oklahoma scoring a touchdown. But when it all came down to it, BYU came up with the win.

I was particularly impressed with the defense who was able to prevent Oklahoma from getting a first down on their first two possessions and made huge stops when it was most necessary...including stopping Oklahoma from getting a TD when they had a first down on the 2 yard line!

BYU's defensive backs, I would say, are the most improved from prior years. They always seemed to be the defense's weakness. They had excellent coverage and didn't allow any big passes down field.

As for the Mountain West Conference, things are looking better and better. The conference had a great season last year, including Utah's big win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. This year, it's off to a great start with BYU's win tonight over Oklahoma. #17 TCU and #19 Utah are also ranked in the top 25 and are sure to do big things this season to help the conference look even better.