Sunday, February 28, 2010


The above picture is Dwight on "The Office" wearing a "3 wolf moon" shirt.  About a year ago somebody sent me a link to for this shirt and told me to read the reviews.  They are hilarious!  The other day a friend of mine had been browsing through the reviews and came across the following review:

It is almost blasphemic to use mortal words to describe this garment. A product that carries within it the power of not one, but three times the wolf intensity. I purchased this shirt (legally must be called so, although it more closely resembles armor) after months of debating how to survive taking tank rounds to the chest. Once equipped with this modern day chain-mail, I slammed a Rockstar and was well on my way to becoming more creature than man. I bolted out the door leaving a trail of fire and wolf fibers behind me as I was ready to take on any challenge the world threw my way.

Cars and buildings disintegrated when the shirt waved in the wind as I ran by, winds that even Tom Schilling could not predict. That is when I met my destruction. I approached a trailer park where a small lad about 7 years young stood with a shirt portraying 4 wolves. HOW COULD THIS BE??? I Remember yelling... HOW????? No punch or kick was needed to defeat me. I had been out-wolved. I returned to my nest to regather myself and await in the darkness for a 5 wolf shirt that will bring about the end of man.

Til then.. $17 dollars of magnificence. Use at own risk.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New pics!

This frog was totally random. I was about to go out to the back patio and this frog was sitting on the sliding glass door. It didn't move at all so I got a couple close-up pics. Pretty cool.

This is our fabulous finance team. I get the privilege of working with these guys everyday!

Alexis posing

Carter just recently started holding pens and crayons correctly with his fingers and has become very attentive to details when coloring. I loved that he wanted to wear gloves while coloring!

A recent business trip to Salt Lake City (last weekend)

The kids in the car while we were at a stoplight

The Key Bank tower is where our (Intermountain Healthcare) Corporate
Office is located in downtown SLC

This is the Capitol building just a couple blocks up the hill from downtown SLC

I'm a big fan of sunsets. This is just north of Salt Lake City looking west over the valley.

From the same spot as the pic above, zoomed in on downtown Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City LDS Temple

One nice thing about a business trip is being able to eat for free. This is at the
Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City

Another pic at the Gateway Mall

This is Carter last night at bedtime

Monday, February 1, 2010

New pics coming soon!