Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some pictures over the last few weeks

Saturday, June 13, 2009


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Monday, June 1, 2009

Cuddling up with the kids at bedtime, watching lightning.....priceless!

Today was a really good day. The last couple of days weren't so great because I have been feeling exhausted and sick and Carter has also been kinda sick. Today was really busy at work as we were trying to hit one deadline after another, but it all turned out great.

Tonight while Carter was in the bath I was trying to get Alexis ready to take a shower. She was kinda startled when I interrupted her dancing around. She asked, "Where did you come from?" Then I asked her back, "Where did YOU come from?" Her reply was, "I came from dad......from dad's store! From dad's living room store!" It was totally random but made me laugh the way she was saying it, and I have no idea what store she is talking about!

Later, just before bed, I was in Alexis's room down on my hands and knees helping her pick up a few things and then Carter climbed on my back. I said, "Hey you little monkey!" In Carter's great little voice he said, "Hi horse!"

Then, at bed time there was a bunch of lightning outside. I opened up the window, the kids sat on my lap and cuddled up under blankets. While listening to sporadic rainfall we saw lightning and listened to the following thunder. The kids really enjoyed it and I got to teach them about lightning and thunder, and I told them stories about the huge storms I experienced in Argentina. Spending that time with the kids was definitely the highlight of my day!! Those are priceless memories.